Credit: Madonna: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

This weekend’s to-do list: Fine-tune your new dance moves. Select just the right leg warmers. Hydrate. Stretch. Because starting Monday, Madonna begins her publicity onslaught (AP calls it a Madonna-thon) for Confessions on a Dance Floor, a high-octane disc of club anthems sure to inspire Flashdance moments everywhere when it hits stores Nov. 15.

The Material Mover will return to her MTV roots, singing the album’s first single, “Hung Up,” on Oct. 17 on TRL. (Cue shrieking teens. Burning question: How many of them will recognize the song’s fun ABBA sample?) Four days later, the network will premiere I’m Going to Tell You a Secret, a documentary that chronicles last year’s Re-Invention Tour, which will also later air on VH1 and Logo, MTV Networks’ new gay-focused channel. While I’m guessing Secret will be enlightening, don’t hold your breath for any water-bottle-fellating scene — that’s surely not the behavior of a proper English lady.

In the meantime, you can dance…for inspiration. Come on, come on, come on. I’m waiting…

addCredit(“Madonna: Dave Hogan/Getty Images”)