The new Shakira single, ”Don’t Bother,” is now playing at AOL Music, and I’ve only listened to it 13 or 14 times since I got up this morning. (Seriously.) It’s got everything we’ve come to expect from Shakira: the driving beats, the plaintive howl, the charmingly offbeat lyrics, this time about a defiant heroine caught in a love triangle against a superior rival. ”She’s almost 6 feet tall/She must think I’m a flea/I’m really a cat you see/And it’s not my last life at all,” Shakira sings. The only problem as I see it: If the video ends up being a literal translation of the lyrics, who in the world can they cast that can outshake Shakira? Is Angelina Jolie available?

What’s your take on ”Don’t Bother”?

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