Have you tied your TiVo in knots trying to keep up with all the new series launched over the last month? Doesn’t it seem like this year’s crop has yielded more good shows than usual? If you’re having trouble keeping up with (or getting into) the season’s best new programs, check out the primer on the five best new shows so far (including character guides and plot synopses) in the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly.

As you might have guessed, Everybody Hates Chris, My Name Is Earl, and Prison Break (starring Wentworth Miller, left) made the list. Also included are two less buzzed about shows: Supernatural (”Not since The X-Files has a show reveled so successfully in giving us goose bumps,” writes EW’s Tim Stack) and How I Met Your Mother (EW’s Whitney Pastorek appreciates that the show has ”twiddled merrily — but not overbearingly — with traditional sitcom structure” and gives the show ”mad super bonus points” for casting Neil Patrick Harris and letting him cut loose).

Agree? Disagree? Which new shows would make your top five list?