Would everyone hate me for quoting Avril Lavigne before lunch? Because I just have to ask the political pundits of the world, ”Why ya gotta go and make things so complicated?” The Associated Press’ TV writer Frazier Moore has a fascinating story today about ABC’s addictive new Commander in Chief, which after only three episodes, is igniting a preposterous level of partisan rhetoric.

A far-right conservative group is calling the drama ”a nefarious plot to advance the notion of a Hillary Clinton presidency.” Feminist author Naomi Wolf says the show bodes well for a possible Clinton candidacy and labels it “truly addictive, political pornography.” But my favorite example in Frazier’s story comes from an email sent out by James Dobson’s Focus on the Family that argues, ”The name of the lead character, ‘Mackenzie Allen,’ sounds remarkably, poetically like ‘Hillary Clinton.”’ Huh?

For the love of all that’s holy, it’s just a stinkin’ TV show! And I take offense at any talking head who thinks I’m so feeble-minded that a fictional character is going to somehow change what I do in the voting booth. And why is it that we’re still having this discussion about a woman president in 2005, when…

Wait, what’s that? Hillary’s been touring Hollywood and meeting with studio heads? Hillary Clinton? Um, okay, well, I’m still sticking to my story anyway: Commander in Chief just a TV show. And a darn good one, too. What do you think?

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