I’m not sure where R.E.M. guitar tech Dewitt Burton and his wife were registered for their wedding, but they got a pretty rockin’ gift last Saturday when the groom’s employers played a seven-song set at the couple’s reception at Kingpins Bowl & Brew in Athens, Ga. According to, R.E.M.’s original lineup, including drummer Bill Berry, played early faves such as “The One I Love,” “Permanent Vacation” and “Radio Free Europe.”

That got me thinking (yes, I’ve already had two Diet Cokes, so I can handle it). Who’d be the ultimate musical act to play at your wedding? Captain & Tennille? Deee-Lite? I’d probably go with Xtina, so I could get down and dirty on “Dirrty” and “Lady Marmalade,” then do the whole slow jamz thing on “Beautiful” and “At Last.” Hey, I’m versatile like that. How about you, PopWatchers? Name your fantasy wedding singer, and let us know why.