Will Ferrell, Kicking & Screaming
Credit: Kicking & Screaming: Sam Urdank

There’s nothing fresh about boorish, sports-crazed parents or a clueless coach who reluctantly leads a talentless band of misfits. The Bad News Bears married these themes almost 30 years ago, and the formula has been stubbornly exhausted by Little League mediocrity (Ladybugs, Little Giants, The Mighty Ducks) ever since. Well, consider it officially kaput after Kicking & Screaming, which generously spreads the humiliation: to Robert Duvall, who shamelessly parodies his tough-love dad role from The Great Santini, and to Da Bears’ Mike Ditka, who at least has the candor to crack in the outtakes that the paydays are ”why I’m working in these cheap movies.” EXTRAS Four mini-featurettes are all about how the kids went to soccer camp and how two Italians came to L.A. to play the team’s ringers. The outtakes are the only real score, especially when Ditka fumbles his lines or engages in shouting matches with a hyper-caffeinated Will Ferrell.

Kicking & Screaming
  • Movie
  • 90 minutes