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Is Desperate Housewives suffering a sophomore slump? While New York’s Daily News and USA Today seem to think so, I’m not convinced. Sure, the show’s writers seem to have it in for Teri Hatcher, or at least her character, who’s become nearly as grating as her thankfully MIA mother, but the other women have all had sparkling moments in Season 2: Bree changing Rex’s tie mid-funeral; the Applewhites’ prisoner violently bursting out of the basement; Lynette changing a diaper mid-job interview; and Gabrielle’s multitude of snappy one-liners.

That said, both papers do have a legitimate gripe that this season’s first three episodes have failed to bring Bree, Lynette, Susan, and Gabrielle together. (What happened to the poker games?) As USA Today’s Robert Bianco puts it: ”What’s missing is an overarching story strong enough to tie the episodes and the housewives together. Mary Alice’s suicide didn’t just launch Housewives. By forcing the remaining friends to re-evaluate their lives while uniting them in a quest to understand Mary Alice’s death, it set the tone for the show and lent it depth.”

Fair enough, but let’s give Housewives a few more weeks before declaring a state of emergency. With the prospect of jail time looming for Bree, motherhood for Gabrielle, and lord-knows-what for Betty, I’d say the Daily News’ David Bianculli inferring that Housewives is ”leaning dangerously” toward becoming lost is, well, dangerously premature.

Are you concerned about the quality of this season’s first three episodes? Or is all the fuss just a way for newspapers to keep riding the Housewives juggernaut?

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