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Arrested Development: The Complete Second Season


Is it beating a dead horse to once again state that this underappreciated gem is the best sitcom on TV? Too bad. Arrested Development is the best sitcom on TV! And the season 2 boxed set only offers further proof. Nonbelievers are hereby challenged to watch the episode ”Ready, Aim, Marry Me!” — featuring guest star Martin Short as Uncle Jack, a paralyzed Bluth family friend who’s carried around by a deaf giant named Dragon — and not weep with laughter. EXTRAS A blooper reel and deleted scenes are disappointingly bland considering the series’ brilliant comedy. Best are the episodes with commentary from creator Mitchell Hurwitz and cast, especially the always amusing David Cross, a.k.a. the perpetually clumsy Tobias (”I was nominated for a Fally”). But no word from Bateman, Tambor, or Portia de Rossi is more tragic than losing your hand to a carnivorous seal.

Arrested Development: The Complete Second Season
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