Recommended songs for the week of Oct. 7: Find tunes on the web by the RZA & MF Doom, and others

By Ryan Dombal
October 10, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT
RZA: Jason Gould / Retna

Download This: Songs by the RZA & MF Doom, and others

Wu-Tang Clan kingpin The RZA and cult hero MF Doom combine their warped hip-hop acumen to experiment with a ”Biochemical Equation” you probably didn’t learn about in high school. Buy tracks on iTunes

Pavement’s shambolic gusto and snide rejection of the mainstream live on through Dallas indie-pop trio The Tah-Dahs and their irresistible track ”The Cute Band,” a snarky ode to handsome hipsters. Download the track for free at the Tah-Dah’s site

Ambient guitar lullaby ”A Film of Flowers” is one of eight previously unreleased bonus tracks found on the new reissue of Television great Tom Verlaine‘s somber 1992 solo album, Warm and Cool. Download the track for free at Thrill Jockey Records

Boasting two members of David Bowie’s favorite new band, Arcade Fire, Montreal’s Bell Orchestre provide an uplifting horns-and-strings-propelled hubbub with ”Throw It on a Fire.” Download it for free at Rough Trade Records

(Some of this week’s links may expire after Oct. 14, 2005.)