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Mel Gibson, Gallipoli
Credit: Gallipoli: Everett Collection


Has a movie ever made an EW critic feel ill?

Has there ever been a movie that made you feel physically ill while watching it? — Scott Shippy
Many, and I’m not even counting the time I vomited from fright as a kid watching The Pit and the Pendulum. All sorts of movies have rewarded me with nausea and headaches — not that there’s anything wrong with that. I know that the vertigo induced by cinematographer Carlo Di Palma and editor Susan E. Morse in the opening sequence of Woody Allen’s Husbands and Wives was intentional, as the camera dashes around the room chasing after squabbling spouses, but try explaining that to my intestines. I sobbed so hysterically at the end of Peter Weir’s Gallipoli that I nearly fainted. Scenes with strobe lights give me migraines. And boxing movies — which I love — always make me clammy. Then I ask for more.

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