After four consecutive seasons of yelling at my TV screen in disagreement with Randy, Paula, and Simon, I am shocked to say I actually find myself in agreement with them in answer to the question: ”Who is your favorite American Idol?”

Apparently, the wacky trio all selected Season 3 champ Fantasia Barrino (left), and, with all due respect to that saucy chick who sings ”Since You Been Gone,” I’ll second, third, and fourth that emotion. For starters, ‘Tasia is the only Idol who ever moved me to tears (I’m not ashamed to say it; that rendition of ”Summertime” was incomprehensibly beautiful!), and her debut disc, Free Yourself, is holding up quite nicely after repeated spins.

But I know some of you PopWatchers are going to disagree, so just give me a sec while I hide under my desk, and then have at it — Clarkson cheerleaders, Claymates, fans of the Velvet Teddybear and that blonde chick who belted ”Alone,” let’s try to keep the discussion civilized. No use of the word “poopyheaded,” OK?

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