Kelly Clarkson

You can catch Kelly Clarkson’s latest, ”Because of You,” over at AOL Music. And while it’s nice to see a pop artist who’s got a disc deep enough to draw a fourth sure-fire single, the accompanying video, in which the singer’s childhood alter ego takes Clarkson back on a tour of her mother’s troubled marriage, is (with apologies to Clarkson’s American Idol pal Randy Jackson) just ai’ight for me. Certainly, ”Because of You” is ambitious clip, aiming to be one of those videos that plays like a mini-movie, but it feels more like a flashback from the singer’s third session with a middling therapist — honest perhaps, but not particularly insightful. And what’s with the pat resolution after an opening scene in which Clarkson’s man looks like he’s about to backhand her with a picture frame? You with me on this one, or are you lovin’ Clarkson’s latest like a McGriddle? All must be revealed, people.