It’s National Don’t Leave Your House Weekend, everybody! (Okay, yeah, I just made that up. But sometimes you need an excuse to not meet your friends for brunch, and just, like, laze on your couch for 60 hours, right?)

Anyhow, we don’t need no hateration (or holleration for that matter), so quit arguing, and check out some of the following entertainment options that can be enjoyed without ever getting out of your fuzzy, yellow footy pajamas. (Don’t say I don’t ever share, okay?)

Threshold is on CBS tonight, and let me just say, I kinda secretly love it. Well, I guess not so secretly now. I really wish there was a spot on my keyboard to let me type in the swirling alien symbol. Scary!

-Cinderellie, er, Cinderella is out on DVD this weekend, and EW’s Chris Willman gives it an A, despite (or possibly because of) the ”most ludicrous extra ever.”

-Be sure to grab a box of Chicken in a Biskit. Mmm. (Not to be confused with Vegemite in a Biskit. Erp.)

-Speaking of poultry, Moviefone is giving your kids the first four minutes of Chicken Little. Again, again!

-Sweet! John Heder (above) is hosting SNL; he ought to be at least as funny as musical guest Ashlee Simpson (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk).

-And while we’re on the subject of serious musical acts, Britney and Kevin: The E! True Hollywood Story airs Sunday at 8 p.m.

-We know you all want to go see Wallace & Gromit, but that would, of course, involve you leaving your house, and that’s verboten this weekend. Instead, grab Night of the Lepus on DVD, and see if those killer rabbits tide you over till Monday.