Matt LeBlanc, Joey
Credit: Joey: NBC

You’ve gotta be cruel to be kind, goes that annoying Nick Lowe song. Or in the case of professional critics, sometimes you’ve gotta be cruel to keep it real. I found three particularly delectable examples for your reading enjoyment, but unfortunately, only one can be crowned Quote of the Day.

A. ”Put it this way: If this program were a date, someone would have smiled sheepishly by now and said, ‘You know, you seem really nice, but I don’t think this is going to work out.’ If it were a prizefight, the ref would have called it.”
–-Variety’s Brian Lowry, writing about NBC’s struggling sitcom Joey (above)

B. ”[Ryan] Reynolds is the film’s mascot and prime offender, still trotting out his Van Wilder bad-boy routine as if he were rebelling against anything that hadn’t been settled long ago. He’s an imitation Jason Lee, who’s himself an imitation of Chevy Chase with the goofball parts left out.”
–The Boston Globe’s Ty Burr, reviewing Waiting

C. ”On its few minor hits — the forgotten novelties ‘Fire Water Burn’ and ‘The Bad Touch’ — the Bloodhound Gang’s shtick was merely tiresome. Now it’s uncomfortably embarrassing, and their poopyheaded new Hefty Fine is for all those curious to discover the lingering hilariousness behind something called ‘Farting With a Walkman On.”’
–Billboard’s Jeff Vrabel, reviewing the Bloodhound Gang’s Hefty Fine

Which quote is meanest? Which is funniest? And which is your Quote of the Day? Let’s get 100 comments by 5 pm. Chop-chop! Don’t make me doubt your PopWatch love all weekend.

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