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Doctor Feelgood

I felt like a teenager salivating over a teenybopper magazine when I opened my mailbox and saw Patrick Dempsey on the cover. I have been a huge fan of his for many years and have wondered for some time when he would make his comeback. Would it be immature to hang this magazine cover on my wall like I did many years ago when I first saw him in Can’t Buy Me Love?
Del Norte, Colo.

Omigod! Fer shur, like, I’m so totally in lust! As a product of the ’80s, I’ve just got to say that the photo of Patrick Dempsey on the cover is totally hot! I remember seeing him on Will & Grace a few years back and thinking that he looked pretty good, but now, wow! I had considered checking out Grey’s Anatomy just to see what it was about but now I will, no doubt about it — if only I can pry that yummy cover from my hands long enough to set my TiVo for a Season Pass. Just wish I was Ellen Pompeo’s thigh.
Liberty, Mo.

Wow. Three incredible covers in a row! First the unbelievably sexy (and, more importantly, wet) star of Lost, Matthew Fox. Then the gorgeous cast members of Nip/Tuck. And now Patrick Dempsey? You put the cast of Arrested Development on your next cover and I’ll forever be your love slave.
Sandy, Utah

What an unexpected breakout hit. Who would have thought that ABC, a once crumbling network, could have not one, or two, but three smash shows all within one television season? Grey’s Anatomy is funny and smart, has a group of fantastic writers, and — better yet — has a hot cast. What more could you want? Oh yeah, a great in-depth article in EW (”Playing Doctors”) that gives us even more background on the show and the actors. Thanks for the story; it made me 100 percent certain to watch this year.
Durango, Colo.

Why did you feature Grey’s Anatomy on the cover and not House? Hugh Laurie is the sexiest doctor on television, followed closely by his costar Robert Sean Leonard. How about putting the two of them on the cover in the near future?
St. Joseph, Mo.

What About Bob?

As a longtime Bob Dylan fan who can still remember listening to The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan when it was first released and owns everything the man has ever done, I found your analysis of his albums (”Bob Dylan 101”) both interesting and amusing. To be sure, such lists are entirely subjective, so there’s no need to get into differences of opinion. But rather than cite what you felt are Dylan’s poorest efforts, couldn’t you at least have mentioned Shot of Love, Empire Burlesque, and his live performance on MTV, all of which contain some worthwhile gems?
Rockford, Ill.

Fight Songs

Just wanted to say thank you to Dalton Ross for pointing out something that has long been a sore spot on television shows — de facto music videos (News & Notes). Aren’t producers aware of what an eye-rolling spectacle they are creating? For me, the nadir was the time my beloved Alias (a frequent offender) played U2’s ”Walk On” as Sydney and her parents opened fire on their enemies. I can’t imagine anything more wrongheaded.