Overheard around the Friday afternoon keg here at PopWatch HQ:

Editor1 [2:53 P.M.]: So I was watching the trailer for Domino last night, and it hit me: Keira Knightley (left) is the new Winona Ryder (right)! They could be sisters, with those big expressive eyes and all.

Editor2 [2:54 P.M.]: The Winona of Heathers and Edward Scissorhands, you mean?

Editor1 [2:55 P.M.]:
Yes, not the one of — um — what has she done lately?

Editor2 [2:55 P.M.]: I think it’s the jawline. But — you know what? — I’ve always thought Keira looked more like Natalie Portman (center). The eyes, the jaw, the lips too!

Editor1 [2:55 P.M.]: Hmm… I never thought of Natalie. But you’re totally right. Clearly, not all three can continue on the big screen. One must be relegated to a bad NBC pilot for next fall. Or become a Boston Legal guest star or something.

Editor2 [2:57 P.M.]: I say Winona. She’s too frail to play an action heroine. Send her to the small screen!

Editor1 [2:57 P.M.]: Totally!

Editor2 [2:58 P.M.]: Plus, both Natalie and Keira have played opposite Clive Owen, which makes them that much cooler.

Editor1 [2:57 P.M.]: I’m not gonna argue with that.

What do you think, PopWatch readers? Are they on to something?

addCredit(“Knightley: Lester Cohen/; Portman: Jim Spellman/; Ryder: Jeffrey Mayer/”)