High-concept music videos move online -- Too-small-for-MTV clips by Green Day and others have found a new home on the Web

Most music-video channels don’t really play music videos anymore. Get over it. And then go online. Everyone knows you can find anything on the Internet — including music clips. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a site that puts these too-small-for-MTV clips under one virtual roof? Cue videos.antville.org, an open-source blog that offer links to videos in every shape (Swiss electro-pop? Check!) and stripe (including White). Founded by computer programmer Christoph Lincke in 2002, the virtually unmoderated site has become a destination for video buffs as well as editors, special-effects technicians, and music label insiders from all over the globe.

Ben Dickinson, president of Brooklyn-based Waverly Films, uses the site to build an audience for his company’s work (including Death Cab for Cutie’s ”Soul Meets Body” video) and search for offbeat fare unavailable elsewhere. ”I always get a lot out of the smaller videos,” says Dickinson. ”Stuff that’s made against innumerable odds seems to have something special to it.”

It helps that the site — like any good Web creation — is refreshingly democratic: Anyone is free to post links and add comments. A recent visit saw My Chemical Romance and their war-torn, megabudget ”The Ghost of You” (above, 3 and 4) sharing space with the comedic perfomers who call themselves the Lonely Island, whose hilarious no-budget ”Just 2 Guyz” (1, 2) features two very white boys rapping about the pleasantries of hip-hop partying. With videos both big and small readily available via one convenient website, the question must be asked: Who wants my MTV?