My name’s Mike, and I’m a TV addict. (Hi, Mike.) Today, I’d like to admit to the group that I’ve never watched an episode of The WB’s new Don Johnson drama, Just Legal. What’s that? Neither have any of you? Well, I guess that explains why the network has given the series the axe after only three weeks. The only question is, how to cope at the next dinner party where folks discuss Johnson’s unfortunate hairdo or his chemistry with costar Jay Baruchel?

-Me, I’ll try to quickly change the subject to Supernatural, which just got a full-season order from The WB. Stick with a winner, people!

-Over at FX, there’s a similar ”two series enter, one series leave,” Thunderdome kinda thing going on. The cable network has picked up the sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for a second season, but its companion program Starved is being taken out back with a can of tuna. This despite the fact that the latter series only averaged 80,000 fewer weekly viewers.

Oh, and a few other things you and your TiVo are going to have to take into account:

-You can extend the season pass for Judge Judy all the way into 2010.

The West Wing (yep, it’s still on) is planning a live episode on Nov. 6 featuring a presidential debate between candidates Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) and Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda). But what about incumbent Mackenzie Allen?

-Jeff Probst might be quitting Survivor after the current season. Or maybe not. (Don’t do it, Jeff! Who the heck would we get to replace you?)

-And lastly, ABC’s developing what sounds like a pretty inspired sitcom idea, one that’s based on the life and music of Diane Warren, the romance songwriter whose own love life is kind of a mess.

Okay, I’m stepping down from the podium. Anything you’d like to share?