Ashton Kutcher
Credit: Ashton Kutcher: Jennifer Graylock/AP

-Must have been a short honeymoon. Newlywed Ashton Kutcher (left) and his producing partner Jason Goldberg have signed a deal with the WB to air their latest spoofy reality show, Fountain of Youth. Aiming to do to The Amazing Race what Beauty and the Geek did to reality dating shows, Youth will feature a cross-country race among eight two-person teams, with each duo consisting of a college senior and a senior citizen.

Rachael Ray is soon to be as ubiquitous as Martha Stewart or Oprah Winfrey. Along with her own magazine (Every Day With Rachael Ray, launching next month), Ray is getting her own Oprah-produced daytime talk show next year. That’s on top of the four shows she already hosts on the Food Network.

-Dick Wolf has a new midseason legal drama coming to NBC. Conviction will focus on young assistant DAs. It’s not a Law & Order series, so if it goes the way of L&O: Trial by Jury, it won’t tarnish the brand.

The White Stripes will perform on The Daily Show on Dec. 1, becoming the first musical act to play on the nightly broadcast. (Yes, we know They Might Be Giants played on a TDS millennium special in 1999, but the Stripes will be the first musicians to perform during the regular series. Got that?) Why no live music on the show until now? ”We were holding out for a reunited Spandau Ballet,” Jon Stewart joked in a statement. ”This will have to suffice.”

-In homage to the late Nipsey Russell, GSN is airing a week of the frequent game show raconteur’s appearances on Match Game, starting Oct. 10 at 3:30 p.m. Those ’70s guest spots of his are so funny you’ll ___________.

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