Fall Out Boy
Credit: The Fallout Boys: Jennifer Graylock/AP

Five things you should know before heading out to theNintendo Fusion Tour:

1. The third year of this video game punk rock extravaganza featuresTotal Request Live favorites Fall Out Boy (left) as headliners, with The Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack, Boys Night Out and Panic! at the Disco.

2. Don’t be scared if you see parents. The average age of the crowd was about 14; it felta little bit like going to a junior high dance with chaperones.

3. Stay alert. Entering the venue I came across underage tykes puking their brains out. Who sold them alcohol?

4. Earplugs are good things.

5. Arrive early to see Panic! at the Disco — they go on first. These Vegas boys write the poppiest indiepunk songs you’ll ever hear. Don’t bealarmed by how young they are. Plus,they have an exclamation point in their name!

The tour snakes around the country until mid-November, so you still have time.

addCredit(“The Fallout Boys: Jennifer Graylock/AP”)