In case last night’s Lost wasn’t cryptic enough, here’s a website that’s purportedly the homepage of the Hanso Foundation, the group that supposedly built the island’s underground lair as part of a scientific experiment, then made that nifty home movie mentioning the ”incident” whose aftermath requires the pushing of the ”execute” button on that ancient PC every 108 minutes. (Okay, we’re not entirely stupid; we did a WHOIS search and confirmed that the Foundation’s site is actually registered to ABC, but let’s play along, shall we? We also thought the name of the group’s founder, Alvar Hanso, might be an anagram, but our attempt to unscramble it yielded this less than helpful results page.)

Not that you’ll learn much from the Hanso site; a rollover link from the ”Active Projects” page to the group’s ”Dharma Initiative” appears (purposely) inactive. Maybe the link goes live only once every 108 minutes.

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