In the tradition of Dancing with the Stars, VH1 will see if various semi-famous people can carry a tune. On a series called But Can They Sing? (premiering Oct. 30), we’ll get to see nine sorta-stars (including Morgan Fairchild, left, Joe Pantoliano, Kim Alexis, Bai Ling, and Larry Holmes) get professional song-and-dance coaching, then perform a number, with viewer voting winnowing down the competitors over six weeks. USA Today has more details here (scroll down).

Speaking of reality TV singers, the paper notes that the J.D. Fortune-fronted INXS is releasing an album, Switch, on Nov. 29. The Rock Star band then launches its Switched On Tour on Jan. 18 in Vancouver, traveling to 22 cities. Just think, if they’d waited a few more weeks, INXS could have had Morgan Fairchild as its new lead singer. I’d have paid to see that concert.

addCredit(“Morgan Fairchild: Tammie Arroyo/AP”)