Even though we’re only a few weeks into the fall TV season, I’ve already started forming some strong opinions on the new crop of network programs. CBS’ Threshold? Pretty riveting. Its Friday night companion, Ghost Whisperer? Pretty ghastly. Fox’s Reunion? Displaying all the long-term creative potential of, um, Tone Loc. (Not that I’m not still watching — for now…). And apparently, I’m not alone. Network brass are giving votes of confidence to their favorites (read: series that are drawing better than average ratings).

For starters, NBC’s My Name Is Earl (starring Jason Lee, left) and UPN’s Everybody Hates Chris have earned full-season pickups. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Reunion has scored an order for an additional four scripts. And can a second term, er, a full-season order, be far behind for President Geena Davis? Last night’s second airing of ABC’s Commander in Chief improved on its already potent debut by almost 300,000 viewers in the overnights, cooking up 16.7 million couch potatoes, according to Mediaweek’s Marc Berman. The news for UPN’s Sex Love and Secrets, however, is not so good; word on the street is that production was halted after just eight episodes were made (and only one meagerly attended airing).

As for the hits and misses of tomorrow, well, here’s a few green-lit projects to mull over:

-My favorite new idea comes from, of all places, E!, which is exploring an Ileana Douglas pilot (scroll down) called Ileana-rama, about an actress who escapes Hollywood to work at a grocery store.

-George Clooney is about to get mad as hell, and he probably won’t take it anymore, either, now that CBS is planning a live remake of Network. (Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday he did that with Fail-Safe?)

Wyclef Jean will star in, produce, and score a sitcom about his life, and Bob Saget is planning an R-rated version of The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, both for HBO. (And yet these people can’t find the resources to support The Comeback? Please!)

-And Aaron Sorkin and Friends co-creator David Crane are both getting back into TV production with spec pilot ideas, the former set backstage at a sketch-comedy show, and the latter looking at a group of reunited third-grade buddies.

What are you loving this season? And which of these new ideas sounds most exciting? Stop what you’re doing and share. Yes, you.