OMG! So ever since we found out that Rufus is, like, going back to Cathy (or Mary, or whatever her name really is), I’ve been tossing and turning wondering how Chuck is going to get over him. And also, we never got any resolution to the sordid mixup with Sylvester and his woman, and Roxanne, and the police officer. And don’ forget Sylvester’s brother-in-law, Twan, either!

Still, if you’ve spent the last few weeks as confused and lathered up as me, I’m pleased to report your suffering will soon come to an end. Master storyteller R. Kelly says he’ll drop a video for Chapter 6 of ”Trapped in the Closet” (which he so tastefully interpreted at the VMAs) Oct. 10 on BET, and then release a full 12-chapter DVD of ”Trapped” on Nov. 1.

All this (hopefully) means that by Thanksgiving, the only questions we ”Trapped” addicts will be asking are: Will R. be up for the Grammy, the Emmy, or the Golden Globe? Or perhaps all of the above? And could a feature-length film be far behind?