Judy Greer
Credit: Judy Greer: Daniel Chavkin/Corbis Outline

It’s time that Judy Greer became a star

WHERE YOU KNOW HER FROM 13 Going on 30 (2004), where she plays Lucy, Jennifer Garner’s backstabbing colleague

WHERE ELSE? She’s Orlando Bloom’s sister in Elizabethtown (2005), the waitress Nicolas Cage fantasizes about in Adaptation (2002), and Jennifer Lopez’s frazzled assistant in The Wedding Planner (2001).

MUST-SEE ROLE Kitty, the blackmailing secretary on Fox’s Arrested Development

WHY SHE SHOULD BE A STAR She’s hilarious and sexy in an offbeat, Anne Heche kind of way, but she’s been stuck in a rut of Joan Cusack-type best friend parts.

NEXT She’s costarring with Tom Cavanagh in CBS’ new romantic drama series Love Monkey (premiering Jan. 17). She also appears in next year’s big-screen satires American Dreamz and The TV Set.