Is it too late to bring back Bebe Neuwirth in the dearly departed Law & Order: Trial By Jury? NBC put the kibosh on the courtroom-heavy spinoff last spring, but its Friday-night replacement, the fertility-clinic drama Inconceivable, has been yanked from the network’s Oct. 7 schedule after its last outing drew a paltry average of 4.64 million viewers. And that’s not the only problem area on the Peacock net’s schedule.

On Wednesdays, NBC is flip-flopping time slots for E-Ring and The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, saying it hopes the former series’ ratings will perk up if it’s not facing ABC’s competing drama Lost, and that the latter might fare better away from popular fellow reality series America’s Next Top Model. (I’m not quite buying that logic: It looks to me like NBC is sacrificing the domestic diva to the island’s monster).

What’s more, Variety reports there’s also talk the network is considering moving its Tuesday-night hit, My Name Is Earl, to Thursdays, where Joey is struggling in the 8 p.m. leadoff position.

If you were a TV exec, what changes would you make to stop NBC’s ratings tailspin? Is it time for Jennifer Aniston to visit Joey? Is a MediumSurface crossover stunt inevitable? I know one thing: My colleague Lisa Costantini would bring her beloved Third Watch back to life, and Bobby Cannavale‘s Bobby Caffey back with it.