What have you done for us lately, Mark Burnett? You’d think the TV Powers That Be would be asking that question.

Sure, Survivor and The Apprentice made the producer look like he’d cracked the formula for guaranteed reality-TV success. But now, his daytime and primetime Martha Stewart shows are flailing in the ratings, and he’s suffered such high profile misfires as The Contender, Boarding House: North Shore, the never-aired Commando Nanny, and the ratings-challenged Rock Star: INXS, you’d think he’d be having a hard time getting new projects greenlit. Not so, notes the San Francisco Chronicle, which likens failed TV producers to failed pro sports coaches: They seem to get endless opportunities to redeem themselves with some new team’s money and players.

What say you, PopWatchers? Is Burnett still enough of a brand name to get you to watch his shows? Do you feel like even Survivor and the Trump Apprentice have lost some of their luster? Or do you think he still has more reality hits up his sleeve?