You asked for it! You told me (and not in your indoor voices, actually) that the last seven questions have been too easy, so I tried to give you something more challenging. I’m a giver. Give, give, give. I want what you want, my little Brussels sprouts.

Only problem: Nobody got the answer. Nobody.

A lesser blogfather might be all condescending and superior about stumping his smartalecky offspring. Not I, said the fly. PopWatch is about learning, people. Instead, I’m like a panicky PTA mom over here. (Will the other children make fun of you? Will we have to send you to a “special school”? Of course your mother and I love you as much as our other, brighter children… Does this mean no Ivy League?)

Listen closely — and let me know if you need me to speak more slowly.

The correct answer is: The stars of these movies have all played the husband of the lovely Julianne Moore (shown in this week’s The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio) in other movies: Dennis Quaid (The Big Easy) played Moore’s bi-curious beau in Far From Heaven; Jules walked around pantsless in Short Cuts as her doctor husband Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket) groused. Jason Robards (Max Dugan Returns) made Moore a widow in Magnolia. And Anthony Edwards (Revenge of the Nerds) played her dutiful spouse in The Forgotten — a movie which most of you have apparently already (wait for it) forgotten.

So what’s today’s lesson? If it’s too hard, it’s no fun for anybody. So next week will be easier; in return, I’m hoping that the responses will be more creative. Remember in the good old days, when we laughed about Paul Walker together? Wasn’t that fun? It can be that way again, my little PopWatchers.

Now go get Daddy a Scotch.