The Strokes
Credit: The Strokes: Gene Weatherley/

Thanks to the folks at Stereogum for the links to these new Strokes tunes. One, ”You Only Live Once,” sounds like typical Strokes, adhering to their if-it-ain’t-broke formula. The other, ”Juicebox,” sounds (to my ears) like Unforgettable Fire-era U2, with its stampeding bass line, double-time drumming, and singer Julian Casablancas reaching into his upper register. The witty mash-up artists at Team9, noticing a certain familiarity to that bassline, have mixed the song with the ”Peter Gunn Theme” to create a ”Peter’s Juicebox” mash-up.
Which do you prefer, the classic Strokes sound of ”Once,” or the new Strokes sound of ”Juicebox”?

addCredit(“The Strokes: Gene Weatherley/”)