'Thriller' (1983)


Cinematic music videos: Michael Jackson’s ”Thriller”

GENRE Horror

PLOT After taking in a scary flick at the local cinema (middle), a young woman is terrorized by her ghoul boyfriend and an army of beautifully choreographed corpses (bottom). In the end, it turns out her boyfriend isn’t really a baddie. Or, then again, is he? Wah-hah-hah.

LYRICAL TIE-IN ”You close your eyes/And hope that this is just imagination/But all the while/You hear the creature creepin’ up behind/You’re out of time.”

SCENE STEALER Ola Ray as this classic video’s wide-eyed screamer

UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT A tossup between Michael’s FX metamorphosis into a werewolf (top), and the body snatchers’ ferocious dance in the middle of Main Street. Alas, they just don’t get down like that in videos anymore.