'Take On Me' (1985)

Cinematic music videos: A-Ha’s ”Take On Me”

GENRE Science fiction

PLOT A woman reading a comic in a diner gets invited into the strip by bouffant-sporting A-Ha lead singer Morten Harket (top and middle). The fetching couple’s date doesn’t last long, though, before a pair of bike-racing baddies menace them.

LYRICAL TIE-IN ”Oh, things that you say/Is it life or just a play?”

SCENE STEALER The real star here is the ”rotoscope” technology, which allows an artist to trace over live-action footage and turn it to animation.

UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT With the bikers on his tail, Harket shows up at the heroine’s house, violently slamming himself against walls until he exorcises his animated self (bottom).