Young Jeezy pitches a motivational book -- The Gangsta Rapper is working on a book that promotes education and wholesome parenting

On his hit album Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy boastfully refers to himself as ”Don Trump in a white tee” as he talks up his drug-dealing past with little remorse. So why is this unapologetic cash-worshipping gangsta rapper shopping around to publishers a proposal for a book to promote quality education and wholesome parenting? ”You can only do so much with music, but with words you can touch somebody — send chills up their spine,” emotes Jeezy. Synergistically dubbed Thug Motivation, the tome would be part self-help manifesto and part harrowing ghetto parable. Inspired by his own difficult upbringing, it aims to expose hip-hop’s tired clichés — despite the fact that Jeezy’s music is guilty of many of them — while offering youths a more realistic depiction of life in the hood. ”How many times you pull up to the projects and see niggas drinking Cristal?” he says. ”Nobody’s telling kids, ‘I understand your situation: You ain’t got no father, no sense of direction.”’ Though admittedly not a bookworm (”My parents never read to me”), the rapper promises his foray into the world of words will be ”airtight.” ”I got a beautiful mind, there’s nothing shallow about me,” he assures. ”It’s more than music — it’s who I am.”