Check out the Foo Fighters and Weezer on tour, the new ''Rainbow Six'' video game, and more


FOO FIGHTERS & WEEZER Part supertour, part social experiment — one wonders who’d win a fight between the fans of these alt-rock giants coheadlining arena gigs. Foo freaks look scrappier, but Weezies, having defended Rivers Cuomo (second from left) for years, are perseverant. Luckily fans of the openers, dandy Brit band Kaiser Chiefs (until Oct. 10), can cause a distraction with their fancy suits and luminous silk ties. Look! Something shiny! (Ends 10/28)


DJ KICKS: ANNIE Who knew Scandinavian pop pixie Annie was such an Anniemal on the turntables? The latest DJ Kicks CD (in which music types retool their personal faves) finds her delivering a giddy, guitar-fueled take on Bow Wow Wow’s ”I Want Candy” and an instantly danceable version of Death From Above 1979’s ”Black History Month.” Somebody find this woman a wedding to DJ! (Out 10/25)


TOM CLANCY’S RAINBOW SIX LOCKDOWN (Ubisoft; Xbox/PS2/GameCube; Mature) Kid-tested, NRA-approved. A virtual gun show awaits you in Clancy’s latest white-knuckle first-person shooter, which puts you in command of a four-man counter-terrorist unit flush with ammo and the occasional bad quip. This time around, the missions are a bit more forgiving in the realism department, leaving you opportunities to experiment with high-tech toys, including — yikes! — a heartbeat-detecting motion tracker. (Out now)


STUBBS THE ZOMBIE: THE SOUNDTRACK If you’re more Seth Cohen than Damon Dash, here’s the videogame soundtrack for you: sweet, toothsome covers of pre-1965 classics by today’s top indie-rock gentlemen (and women). From Rogue Wave’s dreamy, layered cover of Buddy Holly’s ”Everyday” to Death Cab for Cutie’s disarmingly earnest ”Earth Angel,” there are very few misses. Also included: the Dandy Warhols’ ”All I Have to Do Is Dream,” the Raveonettes’ ”My Boyfriend’s Back,” and the Flaming Lips’ fully goofball take on ”If I Only Had a Brain.” (Out 10/18)


There has rarely been a better time to chill out, thanks to two discs from Scottish guy-guy mysteriosos Boards of Canada (The Campfire Headphase, out Oct. 18) and guy-girl NYC mysteriosos Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom (The Days of Mars, out Oct. 4). Informed by the timeless ambient work of Brian Eno, both groups’ instrumental albums work very hard at not working very hard?swaying, wisping, and pulsing most effortlessly.


PIXIES SELL OUT The Pixies have gotten old. Okay, oldish. And they’ve all gone bald (well, except for bassist Kim Deal, above left) — but they still rock, as plainly seen on this DVD of their ’04 reunion tour. Filmed primarily at a show in France, Sell Out also features the foursome in Japan, New Orleans, and at a now-legendary Coachella gig. Most unforgettable moment: footage of ”Bone Machine,” which cuts superbly between the aforementioned shows without missing a beat. (Out 10/4)


In 1940, the first commercial synthetic-rubber tire came out of Akron, Ohio, once dubbed the ”Rubber Capital of the World.” In kind, Akron natives the Black Keys pay tribute to their hometown with stacks of rubber rings strewn all over their stage. Such props may not impress you, but you will be enthralled by the duo’s cathartic drums-‘n’-distorted-guitar take on traditional blues on this decidedly low-budget DVD. (Out 10/4)