Symptoms of Withdrawal

Reviewing two new Kennedy clan memoirs

The latest in the long, long shelf of tomes on the Kennedy clan fall into the category of memoir as self-help. Christopher Kennedy Lawford, son of Rat Packer Peter Lawford and JFK’s sister Patricia, ambitiously details his epic drug consumption and road to sobriety in Symptoms of Withdrawal. While he gives good dish (hanging out with Liz Taylor at Disneyland while high on PCP), he stumbles when spouting insights obviously gleaned from therapy sessions. Carole Radziwill’s narcotic of choice is grief — and she gets it all out of her system in What Remains. The ABC News producer suffered the triple tragedy of losing her husband (son of Jackie O’s sister Lee) to cancer three weeks after the plane crash that killed JFK Jr. and her best friend, Carolyn Bessette. Ever discreet, Radziwill pens an emotional, impressionistic account of her brief tenure as a member of American royalty. Withdrawal: B- Remains: B

Symptoms of Withdrawal
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