Mike Myers
Credit: Mike Myers: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

-Mike Myers (left) as Keith Moon? Yes, the long-gestating, Roger Daltrey-produced biopic of The Who’s drummer is finally getting off the ground, with Myers set to star as the skin-pounding wildman. They’d better start shooting soon; Myers is 42, 10 years older than Moon was when he died in 1978 and 24 years older than Moon when he joined the band. (Fortunately, Myers knows some pretty good makeup wizards; if he can play a morbidly obese Scotsman and a cat, he can play a teenage drummer.) No word yet on who’ll play Daltrey, Pete Townshend, or John Entwistle. Suggestions, anyone? (Let me put in a vote for Nicolas Cage as Townshend.)

-Here’s the second deal in two days for Renée Zellweger (is she trying to keep her mind off some unpleasant recent event?), and it involves a reunion of sorts with Jerry Maguire costar Tom Cruise. It’s a remake of Hong Kong horror movie The Eye, with Zellweger to star (as a woman who sees into the supernatural after a corneal transplant) and Cruise to produce. J-Horror master Hideo Nakata (who made the original versions of The Ring and Dark Water) will direct.

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