Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Yummy ‘Tuck’

Congratulations on what has got to be the best-looking cover in your magazine’s history! Not only are you finally showcasing a great series, but you are doing it masterfully. If Nip/Tuck isn’t the smartest and coolest TV show on the air (and that’s a big if), it is definitely the most entertaining.
Traverse City, Mich.

When I got the issue featuring the Fall TV Preview (#838/839), I thought, Who cares? Tell me about Nip/Tuck. Then I saw my favorite TV stars on the next cover and I nearly toppled over! I have been foaming at the mouth for this show to come back for season 3! I don’t care what people say about it pushing the limits. I can’t take my eyes off the screen (and it’s not just Julian McMahon’s nude scenes, I promise).
Payson, Utah

I think that Nip/Tuck is one of the best series on television. The actors are amazing, and it’s extremely provocative and funny. But like many cable programs, it doesn’t get the publicity it deserves. That’s why I wasn’t very happy when I looked through the Fall TV Preview to find that Nip/Tuck wasn’t in it at all. It may not be a major network show, but it’s better than the ”5 Debuts We Love”! I thought you forgot about it, but a week later I found the Nip/Tuck cast on the cover!
Los Angeles

Pet Peeve

I can’t say whether the fans who borrowed Jessica Simpson’s name for a campaign to help rescue the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina have helped or hurt her career (”Storm Surge,” News & Notes). But I can say that some of the human survivors ”desperately searching for missing loved ones” are probably looking for the only loved ones they have: their pets.
Tempe, Ariz.

Cooper’s Gold

I never realized how much I love Anderson Cooper until I saw him jump into the fetid water submerging New Orleans in an attempt to get fresh water to a stranded dog (News & Notes). Kudos to him and to all the other newscasters who put a human — and animal — face on this tragedy.
Norfolk, Va.

Space Quest

Thanks for the coverage of Joss Whedon’s coming-into-its-own space drama (News & Notes). My husband and I were hooked from the first airing of Firefly on TV. With the big-screen success of Serenity looming, one can only hope network executives realize this is their chance to relaunch a show as an instant hit with a guaranteed fan base that is growing exponentially. Keep the information coming, EW, and thanks for spotlighting quality.
Alexandria, Va.

Wish Wash

I don’t understand Diane Mizota’s slam of Clay Aiken in your piece on Three Wishes (Television). A young girl dealing with a difficult situation makes a wish to meet the singer, and all Ms. Mizota can do is try not to laugh and refuse her request. Why? Mr. Aiken may not be your cup of tea, Ms. Mizota, but he is a triple-platinum recording artist, a Billboard and American Music Award winner, chairman of the Bubel Aiken Foundation for children with disabilities, and a UNICEF ambassador visiting children in turmoil throughout the world. So what’s the joke?
East Haven, Conn.

CORRECTION: Dave Chappelle’s Block Party was acquired for distribution by Rogue Pictures, not Fox Searchlight (#841, News & Notes).