Debating ''Lost'' and ''Desperate Housewives'' -- Our critics give their views on the fall's hottest returning shows

Desperate Housewives

Tim Stack
Oh, Mary Alice, we know what you’ve done, and we’re over it. Thankfully, the writers have moved on — mostly. More interesting now is Bree’s tempestuous relationship with Rex’s mother (Shirley Knight). And who is Alfre Woodard feeding? There’d just better not be a hatch down there.
Whitney Pastorek
Alfre Woodard might be keeping Sloth from The Goonies in the basement (Baby? Ruth!), and Lynette proves that women can have children and be intelligent professionals at the same time. Welcome to 1985, kids. By the way: Is there anything wackier than a funeral?


Let me get this straight: Inside this deep, dark hatch is a Scottish man with a penchant for Mama Cass and health shakes? This is what I’ve waited for all summer? A Jamba Juice addict who used to be a hippie? Jack, please press the button and end it all.
Crackpot theories about what’s down the hatch aside (I vote Epcot), that shaft of light was heart-stopping. Plus, Walt going all ”Paul is dead” in the jungle, the crazy mural on the wall, and Julie Bowen’s moving guest spot… More, please.

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