MOVIES Serenity‘s Joss Whedon wants to make something clear: His upcoming film is actually titled Goners, not Goner, as has been reported. ”Where in the chain that went wrong, I don’t know, but, boy, was I ever depressed,” says the writer-director, who’s also pounding out a screenplay for a Wonder Woman movie. ”Goners is a much better title.” Okay, but what is it about? ”It’s a very, very dark, contemporary, strange rite-of-passage movie; it’s a new kind of ‘shaping a universe’ story for me, which is nice. It’s definitely a fantasy, but not one you’re going to want to have anytime soon.”… Taking a break from his long-gestating opus Megalopolis (”I’ve described it as the woman I’m in love with who doesn’t want me”), absentee writer-director Francis Ford Coppola is lavishing his attention on a more willing cinematic maiden: Youth Without Youth, an adaptation of a metaphysical novella by Mircea Eliade, which stars Tim Roth as a professor…. Roll Bounce‘s Bow Wow is trading in his skates for a bigger set of wheels in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. ”I play an army brat named Twinkie who’s living in Tokyo, and I introduce Lucas Black’s character to the underworld of drifting, which is a new style of racing,” says Mr., er, Wow. ”I drive a crazy souped-up van, and because it’s green, I call it the Hulk.”… Jim Carrey is in talks to play a man haunted by a mysterious book in New Line’s paranoid thriller The Number 23. No word on whether Michael Jordan and Benjamin Harrison will cameo…

MISCELLANEOUS Comedians in Las Vegas might not sound like breaking news, but Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Dave Chappelle, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and many more are mobilizing on the Strip for HBO and AEG Live’s first annual Comedy Festival Nov. 17-19. It’s a bid to expand on the network’s thriving U.S. Comedy Arts Fest. ”It’s a huge lineup,” says participant Carlos Mencia of Comedy Central’s just-renewed Mind of Mencia. ”You get the guys that are crazy and edgy, the guys that play the guitar, the guys that say ‘Didja ever notice…?’ You absolutely get it all!”