Brit actresses get racy -- Vanessa Redgrave, Kate Winselt, and Helen Mirren show off their dark sides in new roles

The Royal Shakespeare Company might want to think about upping the profanity content of its next production of Medea if it wants to entice some of Britain’s leading ladies. Three of England’s classiest actresses are less Howards End and more Girls Gone Wild in their latest roles. Did someone spike their tea? EW rates their randy gigs on a scale of one to four exclamation points.

ACTRESS Vanessa Redgrave ROLE Erica, the sexually aggressive mother of Julia (real-life daughter Joely Richardson) on season 3 of FX’s Nip/Tuck. OB-SCENE Erica and grandson Matt (John Hensley) do bong hits while she analyzes his newfound attraction to transsexuals. RATING !!

ACTRESS Kate Winslet ROLE Herself on the Sept. 25 premiere episode of the HBO comedy Extras. OB-SCENE Winslet tutors film extra Maggie (Ashley Jensen) on the fine art of phone sex, using some particularly nasty Willy Wonka-inspired euphemisms. RATING !!!

ACTRESS Helen Mirren ROLE Rose, the hitwoman stepmother of Mikey (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who’s assigned to kill an expectant mother, in the upcoming indie flick Shadowboxer. OB-SCENE ”Motherly love” takes on a new meaning as Rose and her stepson get close. Very close. RATING !!!!