Just like springtime brings robins, and lightning brings thunder, the makeover episode of America’s Next Top Model brings the tears. This season’s weepy Wanda: Texas beauty queen Cassandra (left), who wept openly when her long brunette locks were hacked into a spiky blonde ‘do. And who could blame her? The admitted sociopath may not be this season’s most likeable contestant, but she didn’t deserve a look quite so contrary to her uptight personality. Even Miss Tyra declared during the judging panel that the stylists had gotten it all wrong.

So who came out ahead — and behind — when the scissors and dye were finally laid to rest? Here’s the PopWatch dossier:

Best Makeovers

Kyle: That hair is 100% milk-chocolatey goodness. Perfect for the sweet Dairy Queen counter worker from Dexter, Mich.

Nik: Her sexy new lioness mane is putting the hot in haute couture. Gizzorgeous!

Coryn: As guest judge James St. James put it, ”She’s going for Beyonce, and she’s getting RuPaul.” But a girl could do worse a lot worse than Ru, y’know.

Worst Makeovers

Cassandra: Tyra asked for Rosemary’s Baby, but her look took the express train to hell!

Ebony: Who gives a girl microbraids in 2005? Hateful!

Diane: Um, did someone forget to give the plus-sized gal a cut and color? Don’t make me come over there.

Who do you think was best (and worst) served by the ANTM style gurus? Holla back!