Today, we launch a new PopWatch feature: Soul-Crushing Moment of the Day. Our inaugural entry comes courtesy of Martha. This morning, the hostess with the most-est mentioned she’d once been on a date with her guest, CNN host Larry King, then embarrassed her guest by emphasizing that she’d thought it was a business meeting. When King failed to take the bait, Stewart snuck in another question a minute or two later.

Martha: ”Did you have a nice time on our date? Do you remember our date?”

Larry: ”Why do you keep bringing that up?”

Martha: ”I thought somebody should talk about it. People don’t think I go on dates.”

Larry: ”Your book had just come out: Entertaining.”

Martha: ”1982.”

Larry: ”I had been doing local television in Washington, but I had a national radio show…and you were a guest. And there was a little bit of an attraction there. Let’s not deny it. There was something.”

Martha: [Laughs raucously.]

Oh Larry, didn’t you see this was headed for ambush?

Martha: ”I thought it was just a business dinner! I was naïve! Wanna fold a T-shirt while we have a station break?”


Where will Friday’s Soul-Crushing Moment come from? Who can say? But with Tyra, Today, and Tony Danza all in the mix, we can hardly wait to wake up tomorrow.