Welcome back to the PopWatch Steel Cage! Earlier this week, we had Ed Norton all up in Jason Biggs’ grill, and today, the showdown promises to be even more ferocious. Let’s meet our opponents.

Team A: Kate Winslet is likely to join Cameron Diaz (left) in Holiday, about a British woman and an American tourist who discover they have similar issues with men. Something’s Gotta Give‘s Nancy Meyers will direct.

Team B: Renée Zellweger has signed for the lead role in Miss Potter, a biopic about Peter Rabbit author Beatrix Potter. She may reteam with her Down With Love costar Ewan McGregor, who is reportedly mulling the role of Norman, Potter’s publisher and paramour. Babe‘s Chris Noonan is set to get behind the camera for the first time since his acclaimed swine picture.

Team C: Bow Wow and Lucas Black, of Roll Bounce and Friday Night Lights respectively, have signed on for The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the hotly anticipated third installment in the acclaimed money-making drag-racing trilogy.

There you have it. I’m voting for Team B, not only because Zellweger often manages to exceed my expectations, but also because I love me some Benjamin Bunny. And, no, I am not admitting to owning an adorable, plush version of the beloved character in my youth. One embarrassing childhood memory per day, people. Sheesh. Now it’s time to cast your vote for the most promising of the above films. I’m dropping the checkered flag. Go on now, go!

addCredit(“Cameron Diaz: Aaron Harris/CP/AP”)