Joss Whedon has his hands full these days promoting Serenity, which hasn’t stopped everyone from asking him the burning question: now that he’s in charge of adapting Wonder Woman to the big screen, who’ll play the Amazon superheroine?

It seems every actress under the age of 40 (and some well over 40) has expressed interest in the role or had their name mentioned in conjunction with the lasso-wielding lass, including Sandra Bullock, Minnie Driver, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jessica Biel, Kim Basinger, Lauren Graham, Lucy Lawless, Katie Holmes, Mischa Barton, and Jennifer Lopez. Whedon alumnae Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charisma Carpenter, Jewel Staite, and Morena Baccarin have all been mentioned as well, with the latter two both saying they petitioned Whedon for a shot at the role while they were making Serenity.

Still, Whedon hasn’t named any names himself, saying in one recent interview that the role may go to an unknown who’s young and unencumbered enough to commit to a long-lasting franchise, a la next year’s Superman, Brandon Routh. So there’s still time, fanboys and fangirls, to put in a plug for your favorites.

Tell us — who should fly the invisible plane?

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