For someone who plays a spy, Jennifer Garner isn’t very good at keeping a secret. After blurting out the word ”she” in reference to her unborn child last night to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, it seemed that Garner had accidentally revealed her baby’s sex.

Was it really an accident though? Given the Alias-style spy baby costumes Ellen DeGeneres gave Garner on Ellen this morning (which were like miniaturized versions of stuff Garner has worn on the show), the secret of her kid’s gender is beyond blown.

But now that she’s let the cat out of the uterus, I’m wondering: Why did she ever try to keep it a secret? It’s understandable that Garner would want (and ought to have) some small zone of privacy, but why try to keep secret something we’re all going to know by Christmas anyway? For that matter, why are People and the Associated Press acting like they got some kind of ”gotcha” scoop by printing her remarks to Leno? Why do we all care so much whether Baby Garfleck wears pink or blue booties?