, Junebug, ...

Shrewd campaigning or desperate overkill? The first year-end movie awards are nearly three months away, but yesterday, Sony Pictures Classics kicked off the Oscar campaigning by placing a two-page For Your Consideration ad in Variety on behalf of Junebug actress Amy Adams (left). ”To wait until Christmas, when there’s so much competition — it may be difficult to be heard at that time,” SPC co-president Michael Barker told Entertainment Weekly’s Dave Karger, in an interview in next week’s issue. ”It’s playing in theaters now. We want to draw attention to it now.” It may seem insane that SPC could end up spending more over the next few months campaigning for Oscars for Junebug than the $2 million the film has grossed, but Barker’s probably right that he needs to take extraordinary measures to draw attention to a worthy but little-seen movie with a summer release date.

Me, I’m hoping Academy members will still remember Joan Allen’s performance in The Upside of Anger from way back in March. Do you think Oscar campaigning is getting out of hand? Which movies and performers are on your early Oscar favorites list?

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