Variety has the latest on the Dallas casting derby.

Pending script revisions, a lot of A-Listers appear to be interested putting on their Stetsons and playing the Ewings. Can you imagine John Travolta, Mel Gibson, or Kevin Costner as J.R. Ewing (top right, in cowboy hat)? (Texan Tommy Lee Jones is also up for the role; he sounds like a more credible J.R. to me.) For Sue Ellen (yellow dress): Catherine Zeta-Jones, Demi Moore, and Jennifer Lopez are all said to be interested. For Bobby (top left), producers want Matthew McConaughey or Owen Wilson. For Pam (red dress), they want Drew Barrymore or Reese Witherspoon. For Lucy (bottom): Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, or Mandy Moore. And for Miss Ellie (in white blouse): Jane Fonda. As they say in Texas, oy vey.

In case you still care, the Variety article also predicts that, after a final round of screen tests this week, we’ll finally have a new James Bond. Along with names we knew were on the shortlist — Daniel Craig and Goran Visnjic — the 007 finalists also include Henry Cavill (who was shortlisted to play Superman before Brandon Routh won the part) and Sam Worthington (Who? He’s an Australian actor seen stateside in the World War II dramas Hart’s War and The Great Raid).

Which movie’s wish list is more outrageous? Who should be on these lists who isn’t?

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