Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, ...
Credit: Into the Blue: John P. Johnson

In the far-off days of the early James Bond films, underwater action sequences had a hip tranquillity — a lyrical zing. They were all about how fast you could move in a world that denied speed. The closest that Into the Blue comes to that old ’60s lyricism is to feature Jessica Alba, in all her tawny, rope-muscled glory, slithering through the crystal blue waves of the Bahamas. Alba and Paul Walker are lovey-dovey Caribbean dive bums, happy to be broke — at least, until the appearance of Walker’s buddy, a yuppie oozing frat-house smarm. (Is Scott Caan glad he gets to play these roles? It sure looks like it.) Out snorkeling, they find a sunken plane full of cocaine, which leads to much underwater mayhem and above-water banality. Walker is supposed to be lured by the buried treasure, but the actor, wearing Brad Pitt’s bristle cut, is like Pitt with his sexy appetite sucked out.

Into the Blue
  • Movie
  • 110 minutes