Tony Orlando & Dawn: The Ultimate Collection


Your ability to enjoy Tony Orlando and Dawn: The Ultimate Collection, highlights from the pop trio’s CBS variety series, will depend on how well you tolerate sub-par comedic skits, lip-synching, Lawrence Welkian versions of short-lived hits like ”Kung Fu Fighting” and ”Mr. Big Stuff” (featuring, inexplicably, Florence Henderson!), and incongruous interludes with George Carlin. Orlando’s a serviceable but unmemorable ringleader who lets the good-humored ladies of Dawn perk up the action with their eye-popping sequined ensembles and bawdy skits about hard-livin’ roomies Lou Effy and Moreen. For diehards only. EXTRAS No commentary, unfortunately, but Orlando’s Tonight Show interview with guest host Freddie Prinze scores, as does the bright parody ”Tony Tallahassee & Dusk” from The Carol Burnett Show. If you can stay awake for the interminable skit from ABC’s failed early-’80s SNL rip-off Fridays, keep an eye out for young Larry David and Michael Richards.

Tony Orlando & Dawn: The Ultimate Collection
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