I have a confession to make: After months of mocking my friend Rosie’s obsession with Starting Over, I’ve suddenly found myself unable to change the channel when the insanely tacky daytime reality series comes on after Martha on the NBC affiliate here in Manhattan.

But exactly how should I deal with this unhealthy new addiction? Or more importantly, what would Iyanla do? I bet she’d suggest channeling my Starting Over habit into a healthier obsession, which got me thinking: Wouldn’t Starting Over: Celebrity Edition prove highly entertaining while making the world a better place?

Just think of the recently shattered and/or shaken celeb couples who could move into the Starting Over house and enlist in the show’s relationship boot camp: Renee and Kenny; Tori Spelling and What’s-His-Name (left); Jamie Lynn DiScala and her manager; Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush (after only five months, no less); R.Kelly and his wife; and Jenny McCarthy and her spouse.

Whatever happens, though, please don’t mention the news that Kathy Griffin and her computer geek hubby are getting divorced — it’s still too fresh to discuss, and frankly, it makes me way too sad. What the heck? They’re so cute together! Sheesh!

In fact — you know what guys? — I’ll be back in a bit. I need a pint of Dulce de Leche.

addCredit(“Tori Spelling and Charlie Shanian: Women’s Wear Daily/AP”)