Can’t get enough Survivor: Guatemala post-show analysis? Check out CBS’ new Survivors Strike Back, a group blog featuring commentary on each episode by a large group of former contestants. Also commenting is one non-contestant, a pseudonymous ringer who calls himself Ralph (after the Lord of the Flies character) and describes himself as a New Yorker who’s amassed a ”legendary fortune and has achieved a level of public notoriety rivaling that of the most successful actors” but who nonetheless ”occasionally manages to evade the paparazzi and slip away to parts unknown for weeks on end” and who ”sometimes agrees to serve as a consultant (uncredited, of course) on select reality television shows.” Hmm, sounds like either Donald Trump or Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Of course, the CBS website also has the weekly webcast Survivor Live, hosted by Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross and past winner Jenna Morasca.

Following that example, America’s Next Top Model fans can now get similar Darwinian dish at Talk Model, a weekly webcast hosted by Egypt and ANTM Season 2’s April Wilkner. No group blog of ANTM vets yet.